Sign In Central Record

Sign In Central Record (formerly SCR Tracker), is award-winning software, which provides a secure, compliant, and simple online solution for managing your SCR. The software is simple and easy to use with a customisable user-friendly dashboard which allows you to create bespoke reports and templates. It saves valuable time by tracking expiry dates, carrying out DBS checks, and it's fully in line with KCSiE requirements with automatic updates, meaning you can ensure you adhere to the latest guidelines with minimum effort. On top of all that, 100% of schools have passed their Ofsted and ISI Inspections since subscribing! They have recently joined forces with their sister company Sign In App and with this new integration it now means customers can benefit from a streamlined process that ensures contractors and visitors have full DBS clearance before setting foot on site. Join the growing community of over 1,350 schools and 110 trusts that rely on Sign In Central Record.