Jon Smedley

Jon Smedley is an Educational Consultant and Managing Director of Teach Active. Jon has over 20 years’ experience within education, as a senior leader, a Primary Advisor and PE consultant. He now works with schools across the UK and Internationally, promoting the rationale and benefits of an active school day and focusing on how this can be achieved through active lessons and active teaching and learning strategies. Jon’s passion comes not only from research but also from his own experiences as a teacher, both past and present, where he has used physical activity to engage pupils and use this as a catalyst to raising standards in other areas of the curriculum. Jon also carries out advisory work for the national charity the Youth Sport Trust, completing research, writing materials and delivering CPD across the UK. Jon is also the Managing Director of the Teach Active – an organisation who work in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust and provide an online resource to schools to deliver the maths and English curriculum through physical activity. The multi award-winning resource has received national recognition and praise and is benefitting hundreds of thousands of children each week.