Helen Kelly

Helen Kelly is committed to helping schools maximise leader and staff wellbeing and improve workplace culture. She led international schools in Asia and Europe for 15 years, until she retired from her work as a principal in 2020. She has been conducting research in the field of educator wellbeing for almost a decade. Prior to becoming an educator, she spent ten years as a lawyer in the field of workplace health and safety. From this diverse experience, Helen brings a unique and valuable perspective to her work. She draws upon her knowledge of evidenced-based practices, her understanding of the needs of school communities and her legal background to deliver approaches that are strategic, effective and have long-term impact on individual wellbeing and workplace culture. Helen works with schools and educators all over the world. She has a successful consulting business, speaks at conferences, writes articles for a wide range of educational publications and is a regular podcast guest. You can find out more at her website www.drhelenkelly.com